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SEO Chester by Palmer Creative


If you’ve found us by typing “SEO Chester”, you probably know what SEO is. If you don’t, Search Engine Optimisation or “SEO” is the term commonly used for improving your websites ranking in the Search Engines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We’ve spent the past 8+ years helping websites rank higher in the search engines and staying up to date on all the latest SEO trends.

We don’t want to boast about being a big company with fancy offices, or make fake promises that we’ll quadruple your sales overnight. But if your looking for a good, honest individual to help you get results, you’re in the right place.

We are based just 10 minutes outside of Chester City centre.


Getting Started with SEO

The downfall of most websites is that people think once they have a website, people will come flocking – this isn’t the case.

You need a steady SEO Strategy in place focused on your goal to increase sales, website traffic or build your e-mail list.

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(Image taken from one of our current clients SEO strategy)

The first thing to understand is there’s two types of search traffic – paid and organic.

Paid Search Traffic is often referred to as “Pay Per Click” or “PPC”. This involves setting up and running Ads where you set a monthly budget, pay per click. And get an overnight boost in traffic.

Organic Search Traffic is where your site gets picked up by Google based on the value of your website, content, authority, to name a few.

A good strategy should combine a mixture of both and provide a good Return On Investment and solid long term results.


Our SEO Strategy


Setting SEO Goals

We’ll start by setting a goal and what you want to achieve in your campaign. It may be more leads, customers, purchases or just visits to your site for exposure.

Setting an SEO goal gives a measurable objective and you can scale up your campaign from there in a profitable format.

We’ll then decide which SEO channels to focus on, whether it’s Organic or Paid and how much time we dedicate to each.



SEO Website Review

The most important thing to get right is your website. Google isn’t able to view your website like an everyday customer, it reads your code to decide what your page is about, and rank it accordingly – so it’s important it’s right!

We’ll take a look at how your SEO situation currently stands, looking at things such as:

  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • How fast is your website?
  • Your competitors websites.
  • Your current traffic.
  • Current PPC spend.
  • Keywords we suggest targeting.

We’ll make some suggestions based on your current website.


SEO Improvements

We’ll then start improving your website to make sure it maximises it’s search potential. We’ll work each month on continuing your website improvements so your SEO performance continues to improve.

Ongoing SEO

We’ll continue to monitor your traffic, see which pages are performing best and which could continue to be improved to bring more traffic. We’ll make on site improvements to these pages to keep them performing their best.

PPC Management

It’s important if your spending money on ads that they are getting results. We’ll set up your ads properly and and tweak them on a daily basis to make sure they are giving you the best results for you investment.

Content Creation

Your website needs high quality, search engine optimised content to bring in visitors. We add fresh to your site to keep the visitors growing.

Outreach & Link Building

We’ll build links to your website by reaching out to other websites and building links back to yours to increase your rankings.

Rank Tracking

We monitor your most important keywords, and keep track of their position, working on improving their position each month.

Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a monthly report with the most important stats about your website, visitors, time spent on site, and where your visitors are coming from.


Let’s make your online business a success and bring you more leads. We’re a friendly bunch, just 10 minutes outside of Chester –  let’s grab a brew and discuss your SEO goals a success.