Reputation Management

Make sure people are saying the right things about you

When most Business owners hear the words “Online Review” they shiver. We’ve all heard the Trip Advisor horror stories where an owner has started a full blown World War 3 with someone who’s left a comment.

Dealing with Online Review can be hard, but it’s essential. People are now able to review you everywhere, they can review you on all social media networks and even discuss what it’s like to work at your company.

It’s important that you encourage good reviews, as well as respond to reviews that come up (good or bad) – this shows your on the ball!

We can monitor mentions of your business online, and let you know when you’ve been mentioned online. Be it a review site or perhaps a blog someone has written about you. We’ll let you know about it and we can discuss how the best deal with it.

Hoping that you don’t get reviews is the not the answer. You should be encouraging good reviews on an on going basis – so that when, inevitably you do have a not so flattering review – it won’t matter!

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