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We have two pricing options for websites. The first is our Kickstarter package – which is designed to get you online quickly in an accelerated process. For this we have a set price of £495 – which includes up to 10 pages of content, custom designed and mobile friendly.

Our second option is a bespoke package – we work this out based on how much time is involved in the process, taking in to account things like time for meetings, advanced website features and additional design concepts. In our bespoke package we’ll discuss with you and give you a breakdown of costs to better tailor your costs.

Our Kickstarter package is aimed at people who primarily want a brochure website. You purchase the package and choose the service plan that best suits you. Fill in your projects details in our project form that you’ll be directed to – or alternatively give us a chat to us and we’ll talk you through it.

We’ll then work out magic and come up with a design you’ll love, if you don’t (which is rare!) we’ll work on it until it’s just right.

As soon as you purchase your package we’ll set you’re e-mails up right away @yourname.com as requested in the project form and we’ll send you through details of how to set them up. We can even help you do this.

With our Kickstarter project – as mentioned in the title “Done by this weekend”, we can quite literally have your site done by the weekend. Typically once we have the required information the turn around time is 2 – 3 working days. But that of course requires us to have all of the information we need. If we need additional information from you times can be slightly delayed.

Our Bespoke package timeframe just depends on the scope of the project, it could take anywhere from 2 weeks+ (depending on the scale of the website and how readily available the content is for us).

Of course! We’ll set you up with as many e-mails @yourname.co.uk as you need, we can even help you set them up.

Done for you website updates.

We build our sites from scratch in WordPress – which is by far the easiest content management system available to use!

We’ll teach you how to update your own website.

We’ll also update the website for you. Just fire over any updates you need and we’ll update it for you. We’ll also update any areas that may be trickier for you to update, such as graphics, layouts and maintenance updates.

Of course. We’d actually prefer it that way. We suggest all of our clients to register their own domain name on a site such as 123reg or GoDaddy. We can register domain names for you, but this way they stay registered in your name in your company and belong to you.

All we’ll need from you is the log in details from wherever you’ve purchased the domain name – and we can get going!

With our Kickstarter package you’ll be charged right away (don’t worry it’s refundable!)

This just makes the whole thing a lot simpler for us, you buy it, send us the content, it’s done and live – no delays waiting around for Invoices to clear – it’s very clear what you’re getting for your money and we both know where we stand.

Our Bespoke package works slightly different – depending on the cost of the project and timescale, we can split the payment schedule up as much as required – we typically like to ask for a 50% deposit in these cases – or for larger projects split it in to 3 payments. The less payments the better as it saves causing any delays in the project.

We start your Service Plan almost right away – there may be a slight delay in this being charged – this is set up right away so we can get your e-mails up and running asap – so you can start using your new e-mail address before your new site is even ready for promotional purposes – setting up social media accounts, e-mailing potential customers, business cards and so on.

Everything we need from you is requested in the project form – if there’s anything we’re missing we’ll give you a quick call to discuss.

It’s imperative that you’re website is safely backed up online. With each of the websites we develop we’ll make a hardcopy of the site, and our system also backs up your website daily and stores the backups for 30 days. This is so important if you are updating your website (which you should be). You could make a simple mistake and lose weeks worth of work.

That’s why we back up all of our websites daily.

Of course! You’re paying us for the website, once complete it’s yours. If you wanted to close the website for any reason we can just simply send you a copy of the files and keep it for future reference.

Nope! We’re very informal and relaxed about how we operate – no corporate offices, contracts or tying you in to anything. We believe in transparency and honesty. You won’t be paying for our fancy offices – 100% of what you pay for your project, goes straight in to the website!

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