Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Getting you found amongst the millions of search results. 

Search Engine Optimisation or “SEO” is the term commonly used for improving your websites ranking in the Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The downfall of most websites is that people think once they have a website, people will come flocking – this isn’t the case.

A strong search engine foundation

Once your website is built, it’s important to have it optimised for the Search terms you want to come up for – and it’s important that your coming up for the right search terms, that people are using. Search engines will regularly crawl your website, and determine what the website is about, and how useful it is to people searching, this is where we come in.

We work our magic behind the scenes to make sure every website we build is optimised for Search.

It’s important to not that Search Engine Optimisation is an on going process, and should be part of your marketing plan and budgeted for.

Search Engine Packages

We offer two types of service for Search. Firstly, to keep things simple our Booster and Marketing packages both include the level of Search Engine Optimisation a website needs as a foundation. With these packages once we are ready to launch your website, we’ll discuss with you who your key target audience is and what they may be searching for to find you. Once we’ve gathered this information we’ll go away and do some Keyword Research and plan which terms which will work best for you, and optimise the site based on these keywords.

We’ll then keep an eye on your Search Engine Performance and send you a Quarterly visitor report to let you know how your doing, we’ll also make any adjustments that may need making based on the report.

Our second option is for people who want to be more pro active in increasing their visitors. We’ll actively work on your website each month to improve it’s performance and bring in more traffic. Some of the things included are: Strategy meetings, content planning & creation, local listings building, link building, pay per click (PPC) management and advanced page optimisation. We custom tailor these packages depending on the needs of the client.

Your website marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of having an online business and should be given a sensible budget as you would any other part of your business.